AJAXForms is a new tool that transforms XHTML/XForms documents (browsers can be process them) to HTML with Javascript documents.

This trasformation is made at compile time and transforms the page in an authentic client, it's able to manage, without server, as much the presentation as the user interface logic. So, server and client obtain a total independence, and their relation is restricted to the interchange of business model data. This communication is made through documents XML using AJAX.


This tool is compound by two elements:

Compiler and library

This system allows that the Javascript library is more light that other solutions(50KB) and that a lot of mistakes can be detected in compile-time, so that the development is made more agile.


  • Based on a standard technology
  • Validations and data processing in client
  • Use of AJAX --> Better interaction client-server
  • Better interaction for the user
  • Easy to create complex forms
  • Server tech independence (J2EE, .net, PHP, ...)
  • Browser independence (Firefox, Opera, IE)
  • No plugins
  • Javascript use is not necessary
  • Clean separation between model, presentation and form data
  • Easy integration with web services
  • License LGPL

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