What is AJAXForms

AJAXForms is a compiler than transforms XHTML/XForms documents, that can't be used in browsers, to HTML with Javascript documents.

What is the current status of the code

At the moment the XForms implementation is partial, but it's very functional. If you require more information you can see the status page.

What browsers are compatible with AJAXForms

At the moment, AJAXForms is compatible with this browsers:

What advantages have the applications development with AJAXForms

The main advantages derived of the AJAXForms use are:

  • The sintax used is the XForms sintaxis. XForms is a W3C standard that can be used with the current browsers. So in the future, when the browsers support XForms, yours applications will continue being valid.
  • Open source and free tool.
  • It's compatible with the principal browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox y Opera
  • Total independence between client and server, which allows:
    • Developers specialization
    • Customer and server development in parallel
    • Server technology independence.
  • Great facilities for build complex clients of simple way

The consequences of that are the following:

  • Development time reduction
  • Maintenance time reduction
  • Profits increase

What advantages have for the user of application that use AJAXForms

  • Waiting time shorter. This is due to the pages are statics and they can be cached and the comunication between client and server are restricted to the data.
  • User Inteface more friendly.

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